Flipt Memory Game

Flipt Memory Game 1.7

Flipt Memory Game is a challenging memory puzzle game.

Flipt Memory Game is a challenging memory puzzle game.

Can you build a jigsaw puzzle with only one glance at a jigsaw puzzle box? Try the Flipt Memory Game and find out how good your memory is! Keep playing and improve your memory recall!

Instead of jigsaw puzzle pieces, Flipt Memory Game uses cubes with geometric shapes to challenge abstract memory.

It's like putting a jigsaw puzzle together with only one glance at what the jigsaw puzzle should look like. But, all of the pieces are cubes so you must recall the abstract shapes.

If you've ever taken a memory recall test, such as to join law enforcement, then you understand exactly what Flipt Memory Game is trying to do. It exercises the same brain skills needed to be a good eyewitness but uses abstract geometric shapes instead of faces.

In other words, what did you see? Can you recreate it?

- fifty unique puzzles

- exercises your recall ability

- may help improve your glance recall ability

- intuitive: swipe to change the shapes

- keeps statistics such as times and moves

- 3D cubes and box for a board game look

- leaderboard and achievements

- unlimited retries

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Flipt Memory Game


Flipt Memory Game 1.7

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